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Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Lirik: One Way Wind-THE CATS

Komentar frans: 
The first time I heard while on her way home from Dok 5-Jayapura to Waena , Saturday 22 January 2012. Played by my brother's cell phone repeatedly with the settings. Initially liked the intro, then the rhythm, then the lyrics. This is it!!
The Cats (1974)
(more info, Klik here )


You said some winds blow forever
And I didn't understand
But you saw my eyes were asking
And smiling you took my hands

So we walked along the seaside
Where trees grow just one way
Finding out the one direction
That the wind blows day after day

One way wind, one way wind
Are you trying to blow my mind
One way wind, one way wind
Is she her that I hope to find
Why you blow the colds everyday
Tell me what are you trying to say

No I don't know all about you
And maybe I never will
But I do know every word of
Our talking upon the hill
And whenever I will see you
For maybe one more time
I'm sure I'll get the answer that
the wind has still in mind

One way wind, etc

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